December 28, 2015

Linux: Replace Disk in MD

On my lab machines I use a pair of physical disks, configured in a RAID 1 with MD, with LVM on top of that.  This gives me a lot of flexibility with full redundancy.  However recently I had a failure of a drive. Identify the Failure Here is what MD was telling me after I identified and removed the drive from the chassis to send […]
September 16, 2015

Bash: Dynamic Volume Group Mounter

This is similar, but an enhanced version of my previously published here: Bash: Automatically Mount File Systems on Volume Group if Present. This previous version was just a simple init script.  This updated version is designed for newer Linux distributions that use Systemd instead of Init. The Code The majority of the work is done by  It will check if the Volume Group is […]
September 15, 2015

Fedora 20: Use PPTP VPN

I have had this one in the queue for a while (I don’t even run of Fedora 20 anymore).  This one will be short and sweet, because there really isn’t a bunch of discussion that needs to go into it. By default Fedora 20 will block outbound PPTP VPN connections. Reload the rules.
March 4, 2015

Fedora 20: Firefox Reports Flash as Vulnerable

This problem starts with Firefox reporting that your flash-plugin is out of date.  This report looks like this and disables all flash. After this we will take a look Mozilla’s Plugin Check to see what it thinks is going on. Now here we can see that version is vulnerable.  We will then check about:plugins to see if it agrees. Again this is also reporting […]
October 27, 2014

Linux KVM: Bridging a Bond on CentOS 6.5

Today we are going to hop back into the KVM fray, and take a  look at using CentOS as a hypervisor., and configuring very resilient network connections to support our guests.  Of course these instructions should be valid on Red Hat Linux and Oracle Linux as well, though there is a little more to be done around getting access to the repos on those distributions… […]
July 29, 2014

Voyage Linux: Dialog Error with Apt

This can happen on other Linux distributions, however in this case I found it on Voyage Linux, which is a Linux distribution for embedded hardware. The Error Here we are dealing with an annoyance whenever you use apt-get or aptitude. The Fix Simply install dialog, which is the package it is not finding.  This will no longer need the failback to readline. Once the dialog […]
July 28, 2014

Voyage Linux: Locale Error with Apt

Voyage Linux is an embedded linux distribution.  I use it on some ALIX boards I have lying around, it is very stripped down, and as such there are a few annoyances which we have to fix. The Error This issue happens when attempting to install/upgrade packages using apt-get or aptitude. The Fix We simply need to set the locales to use en_US.UTF-8 or whichever locale […]
July 8, 2014

SQL Developer Crash on Fedora 20

I ran into a painful issue on Fedora 20 with SQL Developer.  Basically every time it was launched via the shortcut it would go through loading, and then disappear. Manual Invocation of SQL Developer When launching it via the script itself it gives us a little more information. I also noticed, that while executing as root it worked.  However that clearly isn’t the “solution” Fixing […]
July 7, 2014

Install MySQL Server Community Edition on Fedora 20

Today we are going to go through the process of installing MySQL Server Community Edition on Fedora 20.  You could of course simply use MariaDB, but this will focus on the Community Edition. Install the MySQL Repository We will need to install the MySQL Community Repository, the MySQL project hosts an RPM file with the repository.  First lets look at the repositories that I have […]
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