January 25, 2013

Shore Up New Jersey: Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

I wanted to take a few minutes and let all of you know about an organization I had the pleasure and honor of working with recently.  I have worked with similar organizations previously however there was something truly special about this organization.  This organization was Heavenly Driven Disaster Relief website here. About HDDR Basically HDDR is a non-profit organization which want to help people afflicted […]
March 20, 2012

Microsoft Online Support: The Verbal Blue Screen of Death

So today we had the need to call Microsoft Online Support, we were definitely suprised, to experience what I have coined as the “Verbal Blue Screen of Death”.  So apparently, if you are in need of Microsoft Online Support then tough cookies.  This was as of 2PM on March 20, 2012.  Below find the link to the MP3. verbal-bsod  
+1 (844) 368-2747