Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is a high level process to define your organization and to provide a framework for expansion supporting the business with technology and process.

Benefits of Enterprise Architecture
  • Utilization of information through IT is critical for the success of the organization.
  • Current IT systems are often poorly understood, inflexible, fragmented or duplicated.
  • Investment is often in the maintenance of aging systems instead of toward tactical or strategic initiatives.
  • An understood technology stack can be modified, molded or moved to better meet the needs of the business.

As we guide our customers through an architecture engagement we provide the following deliverables. For most companies this is a 3-4 week project, that can be provided on a time and materials basis or a fixed price depending on your goals and preferences.

Our architecture engagements include the following deliverables:
We help you to understand the penetration of your current technology tool set and define your future tool set. This Technology Map will help you to understand where you are and a general idea of where you are going as a technology organization.

We also will define your current Business Initiatives which will help your technology organization understand where your business is looking to go in the future.

The largest deliverable from these engagements is an Architecture Diagram. This will help you to bring increased visibility to your technology stacks for your organization (both inside and outside of your technology teams).

The final deliverable is a Roadmap which provides you with the short, medium and long term steps to move closer to your end state. This will be used to define tactical plans of achievement for your organization.

Email Deliverability

The goal of promotional and transactional email is not to enable technology teams to send emails, but rather to enable customers to receive emails. Email deliverability is the art and sceince of getting your emails into your customers inbox not their junk mail box.

We can help you gather the data and the solutions to not only improve your email reputation and inbox placement, but we can also guide you towards a more performant email submission system which can support the needs of your marketing programs.

Utilizing auto-scaling technologies can also enable you to perform this work at a fraction of the cost due to the bursty nature of your sending practices.

Infrastructure Services

We are a full service Information Technology Professional Services firm. We don't partner with any particular vendor which gives us the freedom to offer the best solution on the market every time.


We can help you with your infrastructure projects, from systems to storage to networking to cloud we service the full stack. We can help you optimize existing environments or design and deploy new environments.


However you are looking to deliver value to your organization, through application or business process changes or database optimization or re-architecture we can support this following our proven methodology.

Cloud Integration

Cloud is here, and the benefits alone require that we incorporate it into a complete business solution.

Cloud is Fully Flexible

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) heavily rely on automated provisioning which gives us an incredible amount of leverage in the form of technological flexibility. Technology organizations are often unprepared for this responsiveness to changing requirements. However, if we can adapt we are able to provide solutions to the business more rapidly having a positive impact on revenue.

Cloud is Cost Effective

Subscription models allow us to define services with very low start up costs and scale them as adoption scales. This reduces the impact of failed initiatives, and increases the impact of successful initiatives.

Cloud is Business Value Driven

Utilizing cloud solutions gives us an opportunity to step back from the underlying infrastructure and focus on the areas of the technology stack which drive business value. The health of the hardware is a requirement, however having healthy hardware adds no business value. In this model it is easier to focus on optimizing business process in order to process orders, fulfill orders or book revenue faster. These changes have lasting and exponential business impact.

Virtual Teams

Growing your team can present all sorts of logistical challenges, securing budget, procuring equipment, training and provisioning to name a few. Let us step in, we have established teams ready to meet your needs.

Ready to Work

Our teams come fully staffed and equipped. They are ready to be productive members of your team. This allows our team members to focus on your needs and goals. You might be our biggest or our smallest customer - either way our teams are ready to work.


Our teams are built on complimentary skill sets, we take experts in their field and combine them with experts in related fields so that they can balance each other out and build each others skill sets. Due to this collaboration our teams can be as autonomous or as integrated as necessary.

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